Burrata with grilled vegetables 16-

Seabream Carpaccio , Espelette pepper 15-

«Vitello Tonnato»(veal and tuna mayonnaise) 15-

Roasted marrow bone with parmesan cheese 15-

Smoked eel, herbed cream sauce 15-

 Belgian snails  16-


Pan fried veal brain "meunière" and tartare sauce 16-

Fresh Mackrel and guacamole 15-

Squids à la plancha, sweet pepper 17- 

White belgian asparagus 16-

Cauliflower purée, smoked salmon and caviar 25-

Sardines " à la plancha" 15-



Main Course

Royal cod, puree and vegetables 26-

Young chicken from Bresse with tarragon sauce 26-

Veal sweetbread, Port wine reduction 35-

Duck confit parmentier 24-

Herb-crusted lam (rosé) 30-

Andouillette de Mainvault ( chitterling sausage) 21-

Edible crab and aromatics 29-