Chicken liver terrine 10-

Parsley Ham  10-

Saussage from the Pays Basque and Chorizo Iberico Bellota  10-

Rillettes  10-

Paletta Iberico ham 13-

Iberico Bellota Jabugo Ham (42 months) Domecq 80 gr.  26-

Homemade Duck Foie gras (Cold) 17-


          Crottin de Chavignol (warm goats cheese), toast, honey, salad  12-


Scottish Smoked Salmon Label Rouge (smoked in Belgium) 17-


Main Course

Saucisse de Morteau with green lentils from Le Puy 21-

Aubrac Beefcheek braised in red wine , celeriac purée  23-

Irish Beef Onglet with candied shallots 22-

Sweetbreads and veal kidneys with old-style mustard 25-

Mulard duck served "rosé",

gratin dauphinois and orange zest 24-


Aged cheese 10-/16-