Iberian sausage and  chorizo   16 eur

Iberian ham (min.22 months)   22 eur

 Bouchot mussels, coconut   16 eur

   Mackerel, kombu, radish   16 eur

Porcini mushrooms, perfect egg, Parmesan cream   22 eur

Half-raw prawns, zucchini coulis   24 eur

Glazed quail from the Dombes, fig, beetroot vinaigrette   20 eur



Main courses


Wild duck, butternut, caramelized leg with cocoa, sea buckthorn berry jelly   32 eur

Irish rack of lam, eggplant, sweet pepper, green olive iodized sauce   34 eur

Ray wing, chanterelle mushrooms, salicornia, capers, yellow wine sauce   32 eur


*Veggie options available upon request ( 24h)