Sausage from the Basque Country and  chorizo   15 eur

Iberian ham (min.22 months)   22 eur

 Petits Gris de Namur ( snails)   15 eur

6 Normandy oysters   15 eur

Deer tagliata, cranberries, nashi, parmesan   22 eur

Sauteed scallops, sweet patatoes, pickled carrots   22 eur

Octopus, humus, white beans salad, squid ink   18 eur



Main courses


Guinea fowl, butternut, crawfish, creamy lobster sauce   28 eur

Rossini veal, smoked celeriac mousse, truffled sauce   32 eur

Monfish, red cabbage, vitelottes ( purple patatoes), cranberries   30 eur